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Greetings! I’m Jay, and I enjoy spending time immersed in Nature. Right now I am working in the Red River Gorge Geological Area and the adjacent Clifty Wilderness as a Backcountry Ranger (through the SCA). I do not profess to be an expert at anything, but I openly share my knowledge to all who seek it. This blog contains information about various outdoor skills, as well as some other topics that are more relevant to environmental management, survival, homesteading, and Yankee tradition. I invite you to come along with me as we go on an adventure into Bushcraft and Conservation, so pack your rucksack and let’s get a move on!



  • As I mentioned in my introduction, I am not paid to post. Any products I review on this blog have been purchased by myself unless otherwise stated. I do not endorse any company or the products thereof – any links I provide to other products or a company are for your benefit. The product reviews here are simply my findings based on my usage of the products, and should not be taken as “gospel”. The wise man/woman seeks the advice and opinions of many, not just one person.
  • In this blog, I often talk about using sharp hand tools, which include knives, axes, and saws. I am not advocating anyone go out into the woods to needlessly chop down trees for “fun”. These are tools, and should be used and respected as tools and cared for. Always practice good safety techniques and etiquette.
  • I am no expert in the matter of botany. There are many other foragers out there who are far more adept than I. My knowledge has been acquired through much independent study and “in-the-field” experience; I do not have a college degree in forestry or botany. All the plants and fungi I gather for foraging are collected in areas where I have permission, or such activity of harvesting plants and fungi is permitted. Please check your local laws, and respect others’ land. I do not hold myself responsible for any injury acquired from foraging activities – I do my best to mention any possible dangers with each plant and mushroom that I discuss.

Please remember the following foraging guidelines:

  1. Never consume a plant or mushroom that you cannot positively identify – leave it alone. But make note of its location, local environment, and any distinguishing characteristics. Take a few photos for research.
  2. Always cross-check with multiple sources for accuracy. Field guides are great, but they cannot list everything. Be very wary of internet sources, and please do not rely on google images. But online plant encyclopedias, such as the USDA database and Gobotany New England Wild can be trusted. Also, meet and chat with other foragers in your area – you can never know too much, and new insight is always welcome.

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